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Artero Bella - Double Flexible Slicker M

Precio de oferta29.99

Brush with flexible brush head With metal plate that joins the two sides, allowing it to bend to one side or the other to adapt to the surface to be brushed. Grey side with thinner bristles and random positioning ideal for stretching the hair and opening the coat, black side with thicker bristles in the shape of a row for untangling.

The ultimate multi-purpose brush
Black side for untangling the coat and removing the molt
Grey side for stretching and opening the coat
Ecological made of bamboo
Specially designed for brushing and untangling dogs and cats of all types.
Recyclable cardboard packaging

How to use: hold the brush by the handle and present one of the sides with spikes on the coat, slide in the direction of the handle the spikes on the coat. Repeat on the whole coat. For stretching it is recommended to brush against the coat. When there is a lot of hair trapped between the barbs, remove it with your hands or a comb.

Main materials: Bamboo, rubber and stainless steel.